OiRA – Real Estate Agency Risk Assessment

With this online sector tool, micro- and small businesses can assess risks in their enterprises themselves, making it easier for them to comply with OSH legislation. Employers and employees will build on their risk prevention culture by increasing motivation for safe work, gain information to improve risk assessment and its practical application, also taking into account psychosocial risks in workplaces.

All employers and employees need to realise that risk assessment is not a one-off act, but an ongoing process to prevent risks, both the obvious and immediate ones and those with long-term health effects.

What is OiRA?
OiRA is a web-based platform where companies can find free online interactive tools to manage occupational safety and health risks. The tools are customised for different sectors and countries of the European Union and allow companies to take important steps to provide occupational accidents and health problems.
Who is OiRA re-designed for?
OiRA can be used by anyone who wants to learn how to manage safety and health risks in the workplace. OiRA is mainly aimed at micro and small enterprises.
How does OiRA work?
Go to http://client.oiraproject.eu/bg and select from the tools available by country, language or sector. With each tool you can run a test session to see how the specific tool works. Register, go through the four basic steps and you will get a report to download and print.