OiRA – Veterinary Risk Assessment

About the OiRA project
The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work maintains the OiRA web platform allowing interactive risk assessment by sector. It is a valuable tool for occupational health services, offering a standardised methodology for identifying sector-specific occupational risk assessment tools in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMSE). One of the sectors that can benefit from this toolkit is veterinary medicine.
Objectives of OiRA

The objectives of the toolkit, like the occupational health service, are along the following lines:

  • A preventive approach through the assessment and management of occupational risks;
  • Improving working conditions, occupational health and the competitiveness of enterprises.

How to use the OiRA project?
The OiRA tools are free of charge. SMSE should register and select the tools by language, country or sector. If you have any further questions about the OiRa project, our Occupational Medicine team in Sofia will be happy to help.